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Watch The Calling 2014 Movie Online

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Title: The Calling 2014

Director: Jason Stone

Writers: Scott Abramovitch and Inger Ash Wolfe

Stars: Topher Grace, Gil Bellows, Christopher Heyerdahl, Katy Breier, Jane Moffat

Releasing Date: 29 August 2014 (USA)

Running Time: 1 hour 31 Minutes

Genres: Thriller

Plot: This movie is moves around the serial killer who kills many innocent people. This time his target is a woman who is a catholic. He has full faith on god and believe that if he will kill twelve people than god will give him special powers. Hazel wants to catch that serial killer but due to his drug addiction he is unable to catch that guy. Now he moves to Toronto Canada to catch that guy. Watch The Calling 2014 Movie Online with good audio and video quality. Watch Thriller Movies online for free without any need of paid account.

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